Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween costumes part 2

Here is another simple costume idea that I wish I had pictures of, sorry people! But I'm sure you can use your imagination right ? Seeing as there is not much interest in the costumes I'm only going to post one. If anybody tries any of the costumes I'd love to hear how you did it, and if you changed it anything, and send me a picture and I'll post it! Same rating system from costumes part 1, I will give each costume a number between one and five, one is super simple and five takes a little bit more effort.

- black chenille stems(pipe cleaners)
-black pom-poms
-a hot glue gun or craft strength glue
-red shirt, sweatshirt, jacket
-black felt or fabric
-glue, hot glue gun
-usual sewing supplies
--Optional: Black pants

I was actually a ladybug one year when I was a kid, although my costume was made by my Mom and was much fancier than this. The part of this costume that will take the most work is the headband, I suggest starting with a black headband but if it's not you can always wrap it with black ribbon and glue it down with a hot glue gun. Take the two black chenille stems and wrap each one around the head band at least once and glue them into place so they don't move around. Let that dry. After the glue dries take the two black pom-pom's and glue them onto the tips of the chenille stems, and let them dry. Now with your black fabric/felt trace two circles (or however many dots you want) using a cereal bowl as a template and a white pencil or tailor's chalk. Cut out the circles and sew, or glue them onto the back of your red shirt or sweatshirt, and you have a simple ladybug costume!

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