Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perry Approves Of This Artwork

Again, Shana Logic, totally awesome, yes, but take a look at this new art by Cuddly Rigor Mortis now up on the site. Perry loved this piece of art, and he says it's like looking in a mirror! Finally, he realizes that pincushions everywhere feel his pain! Perry is now asking me if I can sew green buttons on for his eyes...I told him I'll think about it. If you are interested in this limited edition piece of art Click here to buy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Help Save The Manatees With Shana Logic

On any ordinary day I love Shana Logic for it's sheer awesomeness, and for the whole month of August Shana Logic is donating all proceeds from the sales of the adorable Mantaee necklace or earrings pictured below, to, a great non-profit, which makes me love the site even more! Helping the manatee is especially important now after the horrible Gulf Oil disaster, which will no doubt be affecting these beautiful creatures for a long time to come, spoiling their food sources and ruining the water that they call home. So please, go check out Shana Logic and get a cute little manatee of your own!

P.S- Either of these would make great Christmas gifts, and no it's not too soon to start! :)The cutness is almost too much too handle! Manatee necklace.

Manatee earring