Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

The unofficial Earth Day flag

It's Earth Day again, and I have been pleased to see that this day seems to be getting more and more serious attention every year. Earth Day was founded by U.S Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Many communities also celebrate Earth Week, which is an entire week of environmental related activities.

To celebrate Earth Day do something good for our world, join a neighborhood clean-up, attend a festival at your local park, or just recycle some things you've been meaning to recycle for awhile. Here are some other things to get you motivated about helping our environment!

Use Reusable Bags When You shop-Plastic shopping bags take up to 1000 years to degrade in a landfill, and most become airborne and end up in the ocean. So buy yourself some reusable bags to take shopping with you. Most stores have bags that are relatively cheap, usually around a dollar, or you can go the cute route with these adorable bags from Shana Logic.

Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree!- All this week buy any tee from and they will donate a dollar to Plus, all nature themed tees are all just $12 for Earth week!

Recycle the Cute Way-
With these free, uber cute recycling labels thanks to Jinjerup.

Donate-Donate to reputable organizations like the World Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, or the NRDC(Natural Resources Defense Council). All these are wonderful organizations who have done and with our help will continue to do do great things for this world!

Craft Green!- There are plenty of blogs and craft websites out there that have alot of tips for green crafting, like, and Zakka Life. Here is one of my own past green crafts, a tiny terrarium made from a bottle cap, and the top from a gum-ball machine plastic prize ball.

You can make everyday Earth Day just by making smarter choices when it comes to how you clean your house, shop, travel, take care of your yard, etc. Always have the future of the planet in mind!