Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drum-roll Please.....

First off I'd love to thank everyone who participated in finding our little pincushion friend a name. All of your suggestions were wonderful, so wonderful in fact that I had a really hard time picking a name. When it came down to choosing though it was all up to the pincushion, he had a hard time deciding as well, I mean this is his name we're talking about! So without further delay, The Angry Pincushion's new name is......(drum roll, drum roll, drum rolllllll)....

First Name: Perry
Middle Name: Boris ( I love Russian names)
Last Name: Pincushion

Thanks for being so patient while I work on trying to recover from being sick. Still not feeling great, but am on new antibiotics and am hoping this time they will work for me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Be Continued...Due To Illness

No, the pincushion is not ill, he is resting comfortably on my dresser, I however am feeling quite sicky. Had a sinus infection, got some antibiotics, had a bad reaction to those, now I'm trying to recover from all of it! I will hopefully be able to stare at a computer screen without it giving me a massive headache, like it is now, within a few days...fingers crossed...then I can post the grand unveiling of the Angry Pincushion's new name.