Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you like cute, you'll love this post...

Hey all! It's been awhile...again...yes I know I keep doing that. Didn't I warn you that I was a bad blogger?! Anywho, here's a little preview of what's been keeping me so busy.

Cute eh? Long story short: A stray female cat shows up in my backyard near starving and pregnant in Febuary, several months later she is doing well(she is going to be spayed asap), and all five of her babies are turning 8 weeks this coming Saturday.

I named them after characters from Star Trek Next Generation(huge fan here!)--Troi, Q, Worf, Hugh, and Barclay. Hoping to find loving homes for them soon! There is a DIY bit to this post...see down below the neato kitten mansion I made out of cardboard boxes.

Play box

Upcycled- clear lid to a fast food salad turned into a window in the play box.
Too bad duct tape is so darn ugly...