Thursday, September 30, 2010

Angry Pincushion Anniversary

I can DIY?

On September 27 The Angry Pincushion turned two years old! I better look out for those terrible twos. It's hard for me to believe that two years ago, I sat down at my laptop and decided to start a crafty, DIYish, cute stuff, and recipes blog that for some reason is still around. When I started I thought it would be easy, I soon learned that "making it" in the internets world is very hard work, very time consuming, and not cheap, although I still manage to get by with photographing my subjects with a substandard digi camera, and an old Mac laptop(hoping to get a new one soon, fingers crossed!).

I hope you've enjoyed a little something on Angry Pincushion in these past two years, I know I have enjoyed creating all of it, especially Perry. I'm already looking forward to celebrating three years of Angry Pincushion :)

Just as disgruntled as ever, and ready for more gruntle in the year to come!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silica Gel Packets, Throw Away No More!

Tonight I decided to clean out some of the drawers in my dresser, and my closet as well. While cleaning I came across several of those Silica Gel packets in old shoe boxes. As I went to throw them away I remembered a blog post I read awhile ago on Craftzine blog about genius ways to reuse Silica packets. Why bother reusing Silica Gel packs you ask? Well, number one, less things going into the landfill, and number two, some of the ways to reuse them are actually quite helpful! How helpful you ask ? How about helping to save your ipod after you accidentally drop it in your glass of water, or keeping important papers from getting all mildewy, ick! So next time you get a new pair of shoes and you find those familiar little packets, don't throw them out, reuse them!