Friday, October 17, 2008

Angriest Pincushion around...

Since I posted my little pincushion friend several weeks ago now, I have had several inquiries about his existence, and it has been brought into question whether I created it or not, and yes I did. The only thing I didn't create was the pincushion itself, that was bought at a fabric store. With my limited resources I photographed the cushion with a semi-crappy digital camera, and some special lighting (a really big flashlight) to get some better contrast without drowning the image out with my camera flash. Mr. Cushion's face came from my imagination onto a piece of paper where I then painstakingly cut it out using tiny manicure scissors, glued it on to the pincushion and then as an after thought I added the speech bubble above his head (taped to a pin). Throw in a couple of vintage wooden thread bobbins and I call it good, cute, brilliant...whatever.

Now as for the idea of the Angry Pincushion, I can't really pinpoint (haha, oh please) where it came from. Like most of my weird ideas they just pop into my head, which is why I always carry a pad of paper with me to write down ideas before I forget them. The original name I had chosen for my blog was taken, as I found out when I was signing up for Blogger, so I came up with this The Angry Pincushion, and I'm glad the first name I chose was taken, because this one is much better! Have a great weekend everyone, I promise there will be new projects next week!

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