Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween & Last Minute Costumes

Happy Halloween!
Perry loves dressing up.

Looking for a quick, easy, last minute costume that won't break the bank? How about looking through old magazines, I found Rolling Stone is best for this, and cutting out head sized covers. Using a pair of scissors cut out the face, and the eyes...cause you'll want to see right? Then using some elastic or rubber bands punch two small holes in the sides of the "mask" and make it to fit your head before tying a knot in each end.

Look at Bruce and Mr. Penn having a great time!

My turn as Shawn Penn, and a chance to creep my brother out.

Another last minute idea is from the goddess of Halloween crafting, Martha Stewart. I saw this idea the other day on her show to create a simple ribcage t-shirt for a fast costume. Instructions and the template are on her website.

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