Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Shakers

I know it's the day before Halloween, but I just had to post this finished project. I hope it gives you some inspiration to create for next Halloween...or this Halloween, if you're right fast at whipping up craft projects!

These shakers are made in the style of Victorian Halloween noisemakers, made from simple and very inexpensive round paper-mache boxes, uncooked rice(for inside the box), wooden dowels, some decorative trim, a hot glue gun, fabric, and acrylic paint. Painting the faces on these is really the time consuming part. Look for inspiration for these in old Victorian Halloween decor and pictures, and Halloween folk art.
They kind of look like candy, don't they! :)

Pom-pom trim slightly aged on all the pumpkins.

Decorative braided trim glued around the edge.

Black felt ears.

Strips of Halloweeny fabric tied in bows around the base of the dowel.

Cheshire Grin

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