Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fuzzy Cupcake!

Cupcake and kitties

I came up with the idea for this cute little fuzzy cupcake one day while rummaging through my large collection of pom-poms. For some reason I have a strange fascination with cute little furry things...this of course includes craft pom-poms, so I've acquired quite a few. Another thing I have a slight obsession with is cupcakes, so naturally bringing the two loves together you get a tiny, fuzzy cupcake!

Oh, and excuse my wrinkly sheet for the backdrop. Since I don't have the most sophisticated photography equipment I've been trying new things to enhance my pictures and I've found that a white background definitely should just make sure you IRON that white background first! :)


You'll Need-
  • A large pom-pom, for the cupcake
  • A small red pom-pom, for the cherry
  • A mini-cupcake baking cup (found with the regular baking cups at most stores)
  • Craft glue (I use Aleene's)'

1. Put a dollop of glue at the bottom of the mini-cupcake baking cup.

2. Put the large pom-pom ( I picked a pink one) into the baking cup pressing it down into the glue. Let dry for a few minutes.

3. Using the craft glue again, glue the little red pom-pom (the cherry!) onto the top of the cupcake pom-pom, you might want to press it down for a few seconds until it holds on it's own. Let dry overnight.

4. Display your little cupcake or make a few to give away to friends or for party favors.

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