Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preserving Fall Foliage

Here is a great quick tip for anyone who wants to preserve those beautiful fall leaves before they all disappear into the howling November winds and our compost piles.

You'll need-
-Leaves ( of course!)
-wax paper
-an iron
-parchment paper

First go outside and pick out some really pretty leaves, then go inside and get two sheets of wax paper. Now, you should be able to get several leaves on one sheet, depending on the size of the leaf of course. Sandwich the leaves in between the wax paper and cover with parchment paper, this is to protect your ironing board, table, or where ever you may be ironing, and your iron from getting all coated in melted wax.

Set your iron on a low setting and press down gently on the paper. Go over the paper several times, don't press too hard or you might tear the leaves. By ironing the leaves in between wax paper you are sealing the wax from the wax paper onto the leaves and therefore preserving them. You can use them for decoration around the house, tape them in the windows, I'm sure you can think of all sorts of festive fall and Thanksgiving decor you could create!

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