Saturday, December 13, 2008

Star lanterns

The word festive comes to mind when I look at this star votive holder. Pretty simple and inexpensive to make, whip up several and use them on your table for a Christmas or New Year's party. I have a deep affinity for stars but you can change this pattern and use whatever shape you want. Stick a small votive candle or battery operated tea light in, turn down the lights and watch these lanterns glow!

For this project you will need:
-a glass ivy bowl (relatively cheap at craft stores)
-contact paper
-pen or pencil
-acrylic paint in white
-small sponge ( I used a small natural sea sponge)

Using your contact paper trace a few shapes, I used stars, you can do gingerbread men or whatever suits your mood. Cut out your stars with a scissor and peel the backing off the contact paper, then adhere them to your ivy bowls. Wet the sponge but make sure to squeeze out any excess water, you want it damp not wet or drippy. Now using your sponge dip into the white acrylic paint and begin dabbing the paint on your bowl until the entire surface is covered in a nice layer of paint. Peel the contact paper off and using a damp q-tip clean up the edges of the stars where the paint might have smudged under the contact paper a little. Let the bowl dry overnight, add a votive candle, and you have an excellent accent to any room or gathering!

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