Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spotlight on: ::soop::

Soop rings on Etsy are truly one of a kind! When I first saw these little guys I wondered where they had been all my life, and I promptly ordered a deer and trees ring. I still wasn't sure of my purchase until it arrived in my mail box, (from London I might add) a short while later with a hand penned Thank You no less. I carefully opened my package to find I definitely would not be disappointed with my purchase! These rings are little works of wearable art, I fell in love as soon as I put my little deer ring on, and when I layered the trees ring with it, it was like wearing a tiny diorama on my hand. These adorably awesome rings are not only amazing but they are uber affordable and would make a great present for the person who has everything, or the wildlife lover. I strongly recommend you take a look at these little critters asap!
My links aren't working...Blogger is testing my patience tonight so here is the link to the shop below...



Lisa Amber said...

WOW! They're SO adorable!!!:)

But are they comfortable for use?

Gretchen said...

Lisa Amber-I have worn mine for long periods of time and have found them to be quite comfortable and lightweight!