Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year.. Chameleon ?

It is of course New Year's Eve day here, so Happy New Year to all!! I hope everyone remembers to be safe tonight...and that means if you are partaking in the New Year's spirits you get a designated driver or find a place to sleep so you don't have to drive and potentially kill someone or yourself! ...Sorry I get a bit irritated by drunk drivers. In the spirit of the New Year I am posting a cute and simple how to on how to make a pipe cleaner chameleon, by Martha Stewart! Enjoy! By the way...whoever donated money to my ASPCA cause, you are an angel, and a wonderful person, and I shower you with thanks!!! :)

This lizard began his life as a few skinny pipe cleaners. With help from the kid who shaped him, he grew into a lovable pet.

Tips and Tools:
Each animal starts with a looped pipe cleaner for a head and a coiled one for a body. You'll also need short pieces for limbs; a marker; felt; glue; and small scissors to cut pipe cleaners and felt, and to trim fur-to make a pointy nose, for instance.

Basic Head How-To:
Make a loop in the middle of a pipe cleaner. The size and shape of the loop determine the size and shape of the head. Wrap head from neck to nose.

Basic Body How-To:
Coil pipe cleaner around a marker (the thicker the marker, the fatter the animal) and slide off.

Chameleon How-To
1. Leave his tail extra long for curling.

2. Slip legs between coils, and twist.

3. Bend knees and feet.
4. Cut a skinny pipe cleaner for tongue.
5. Cut felt eyes. Glue on.
6. Draw pupils with a permanent marker. Slide tongue into the face, and curl end.

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