Friday, June 18, 2010

Creative Gardening: Unique Planters

Remember my sink planter idea from last year? Here it is in full bloom now with shades of blue and white!

This second installment of creative gardening ideas is all about clever and unique planters. Pictured above is an old wash tub set filled with annuals next to my Mom's shed. The wash tubs already have drainage holes so they are perfect for planting. I love how she planted them to mirror each other! Wash tubs like these can be found at most antique markets, flea markets, or even garage sales. These wash tubs were from my Great Grandfather's house and have been sprayed with a coat of silver Rustoleum to prevent rusting and give them added shine. The legs have been set on old broken stepping stones so it has level footing.
The wash tubs before planting.

The old fashioned enameled metal baby bath below is perfect for planting, just make sure to drill several holes in the bottom with a power drill to ensure proper drainage. (Make sure to wear eye protection anytime you use power tools!) Then simply fill half way with soil and put your plants in. Old metal wash basins and baby baths can be found at antique stores, flea markets and garage sales as well. My Mom once again, was lucky enough to have saved these from her family.

The finished product with terra cotta added for interest :) Don't you love the cat planter in the background?

An old roasting pan and baby bath make a lovely place for shade loving Pansies.

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Anonymous said...

mine has hoses still attached, I haven't cut them off yet. do you have drainage? or....I assume if I cut my hoses off, there will be my drainage? your's looks great!!!