Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Fanciful Shamrock

It is shamrock season once again! Of course you know I speak of March, and Saint Patrick's Day. I can't help but love St. Paddy's Day, being half Irish and all. Although I'm not too keen on the whole getting drunk and passing out parts of St. Paddy's, I'm more for the traditional parts. Such as the wearing of the Green--( did you know that BLUE used to be the designated St. Paddy's color! It was! Google it!!)--the corn beef and cabbage, the Irish music, and of course the shamrocks. Not four leaf clovers people, Shamrocks!

So it bein' in good Irish tradition and all I'd like to share a few shamrocks with you that you can make to wear on March the 17th. So for the next week and a half be checkin' back my friends for I'll be posting new shamrocks. Hopefully one of them will catch your eye! Here's the first-

The full how-to and PDF download for this lovely, sparkly, shamrock is at A Fanciful Twist. A magical, whimsical, blog with beautiful photography. I plan on making a couple of these, they're so pretty and easy to make. I hope you check this one out, her tutorial is easy to follow and the pictures are great!

You'll Need-
  • white cardstock
  • a printer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a safety pin
  • a small paintbrush
  • fine glitter in several colors
  • Optional: a jewel or other embellishments

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