Friday, February 20, 2009

Simple and cute child's bracelet

I was looking through my beads the other day and found a few packages of star paddle beads. As a kid I always loved paddle beads, still kinda do, but alas I feel that I have out grown plastic beads. But! I did think that they would make a pretty cute, simple and sparkly, bracelet for a little girl. All you need is some elastic thread, and two small packages of star paddle beads, in two different complimentary colors. I used a few smaller beads in mine just because I had them in the corresponding color, but you don't have to use my exact pattern, of course. This is a great project to do with kids because it's so easy, and the shape of the paddle beads makes them easy to pick up and thread for little fingers.

-Cut a length of elastic thread, make sure it's long enough that you can tie some knots in it and it will still fit on your child's wrist. start threading the paddle beads on, alternating colors, and fitting them together (interlocking them). When I had about an inch in thread left on both ends I stopped putting beads on and tied a knot, I'm not very good at knots so I tied a couple, just so it wouldn't come undone. Then I trimmed off the little bit of excess thread that was left close to the last knot. Simple, cute, and something fun to do with your kids!

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