Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pumpkin Pincushion & Decorations

I know it's getting to be a little last minute for Thanksgiving crafts, however this project is pretty simple and one that can easily be accomplished in a few hours with a few materials, one of which you can find in your own backyard! :) Plus, you know I can't resist the urge to create a pincushion.

You'll Need:
  • Orange Fabric, I used an orange lightweight fleece.
  • Sewing supplies-Needles, thread, scissors, etc.
  • Thick twigs or sticks
  • Glue
  • Rice
I know I don't have any pictures of this project in the making, but I tried and found it extremely hard to take pictures while I'm working on things, especially when they involve sewing, sorry :( Maybe I need an assistant, any takers? :P Also, my current camera leaves alot to be desired in the whole DIY pictures area, still hoping to have that new camera soon. If only good cameras grew on trees and didn't cost an appendage.

How to:
  1. Using a template if you want, like a lid, or a circle cut out of newspaper, cut out a circle from your orange fabric.
  2. After you have your fabric circle cut out, use a simple running stitch to gather the edges and start forming your pumpkin.
  3. After gathering the top of your pumpkin, fill most of the way with rice before you start to close it up. I used rice instead of fiber fill to give it a less "plush" look, and so these guys would set nicely on their bottoms. Fill pumpkin to your desired amount, more rice=plumper pumpkin, just remember to leave room for your stick "stem".
  4. Insert the twig in the center of your pumpkin, gathering the fabric around it. Then using a glue gun, or fabric glue, run some glue around the stick where the fabric will meet it, just to make sure it stays in place.
  5. Finish by tightly gathering the fabric the rest of the way around the stem, pull tight, holding fabric to glue for a few minutes. Then cut the thread and tie your knot!
  6. Use your pumpkin for a pincushion or decoration. Make more than one, in a few different sizes, as pictured below for Thanksgiving, or also cute for Halloween!

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